Si-Can was established in 1992 as a sub-contract toolroom for large food packaging companies. Providing support to local fabricators, and key suppliers to the automotive and aerospace industries. Branching out into providing a service and ’call out’ facility to other production industries.

With an ethos of providing quality and value that suits the Clients requirements, Si-Can are committed to training and improvement of both the individuals and the Company as a whole so that together we can build a successful and sustainable future.

We machine out of various materials such as steels, aluminiums, engineering plastics and the many and numerous derivatives and alternatives. We both turn and mill these materials to suit your requirements.

We are happy to take on varying works from simple hole drilling and machining of your typical ‘garden gate posts’, through to high end precision components for the automotive and aerospace industries.

We specialise in cost effective and efficient solutions, recognising that each Client has their own unique objective and we pride ourselves in providing the components that allow you to realise your ambitions.

Some customers want to engineer an automated production line that produces anything from cream cakes to cars, others wish to mend a classic car, produce high end furniture or make bespoke musical instruments. We pride ourselves in enabling you to achieve your ambitions and see your designs and dreams become reality.